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Weighted Blanket Benefits

Weighted Blanket Benefits - Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep

There’s nothing better than curling up in front of the TV, bundled in your favourite blanket, and hugging that special someone (even if it is just a pillow at times). For many, this added pressure immediately becomes a soothing sensation.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

Why hugging someone – or even putting something heavy on top of yourself (like a lead jacket when you’re preparing to take an X-ray) – creates that feeling of calm?

It all has to do with proprioceptive input, a concept utilised by weighted blankets and is one of the many weighted blanket benefits. Basically proprioception is one of our rarely talked about senses that, despite being relatively unknown, is highly beneficial to our existence. It informs the brain about your position in space, allowing it to relax and unwind.

Read on to learn more about weighted blanket benefits, and how it can help you relax and sleep better!

Sloth Blanket, Autism Blanket, Kids Blanket, Adult Blanket, Weighted Blanket Benefits
Sloth Blanket, Weighted Blanket, Autism Blanket, Kids Blanket, Adult Blanket

Why Are Weighted Blankets Becoming So Popular?

Weighted blankets became a huge trend in 2018, but this calming practice has been around for generations.

For a long time now, people have been using the technique of deep touch pressure stimulation to treat various conditions.

Recently there have been revolutionary studies showing how effective deep touch pressure stimulation can be at treating stress and sleeplessness.

However you don’t have to be affected by troubled sleep to reap the many weighted blanket benefits.

A lot of people are using this method of relaxation to get to deeper REM sleep. This means that their productivity and mental well-being benefits every time they go to bed.

Other weighted blanket benefits also include alleviating anxiety induced insomnia, OCD and produces higher levels of melatonin for higher quality sleep.

When designing the Sloth Blanket, we paid extra care to ensure that it’s beneficial to people who are feeling stressed –  there’s plenty of us out there!

And a 2018 study from The Star newspaper shown that 9 out of 10 adult Malaysians are sleep deprived. Thats 90%! How crazy is that?

What Do Weighted Blankets Owe Their Benefits To?

  • Weighted blanket benefits come from something called proprioceptive input or “deep touch pressure stimulation”.
  • To understand why this is beneficial we need to understand a little bit about the body and how it works.
  • Basically our mind is constantly sending ‘questions’ to our body, looking for feedback about its positioning in space.
  • When we use a blanket that is weighted it provides proprioceptive input, answering these questions and allowing our brain to relax more.
  • According to a published study:


Prefers weighted blanket as a tool to relieve stress over any other option.


Testers reported having lower stress after 7 days of usage


Of people had decreases in their nervous system overactivity.

This practice is also believed by some to increase serotonin, the main neurotransmitter for calming, and other ‘happy’ chemicals, whilst also decreasing cortisol, the body’s stress hormone. However due the fact that this effect is difficult to measure, we can’t say with any real certainty that it happens. The evidence for it is anecdotal, but we do hope that researchers look into it soon to verify or debunk it.

Ready For Your First Sloth Blanket?

We created Sloth Blankets from our previous experiences with frustratingly ineffective and poorly made weighted blankets.

We narrowed down the 3 main requirements that needed to be met to create the best-weighted blanket, and worked hard to ensure that we get everything just right.


Because you’re spending your money and we care enough to give you a stellar product! We’re talking about your health here – that’s something we don’t mess around with!

Most important factors when buying a weighted blanket – soft fabric, sufficient weight, good weight distribution.

Even Weight Distribution
Many blankets have an uneven weight distribution, which makes them extremely frustrating to hold, not to mention very uncomfortable. Sloth Blankets is made with unique non-toxic beads that evenly distribute over your body for optimal mental and physical well-being. Simply lay the blanket on top of you and it will fall perfectly into place!

Soft Fabric – It’s a Blanket, After All!
The fabric needs to be non-abrasive and ultra-soft to ensure the weight is not counterproductive and uncomfortable. Sloth Blankets is made from Ultra Soft Bamboo Fabric; one of the softest and most durable materials available used in the production of baby blankets – millions of babies around the world give it two thumbs up! As an added bonus, it also needs minimal care and is gives a cooling effect. We are in Malaysia after all and understanding the Malaysian market, temperature plays a very important role!

Enough Weight
Weighted blankets are designed to be 8-12% of your body weight. Some prefer their blankets on the heavier side, while some enjoy light pressure. With Sloth Blankets, you have to options – 4.5kg, 6.8kg and 9kg – so you can easily order a weighted blanket that best suits your needs!

Are you ready to experience the  weighted blanket benefits all for yourself? Make sure to order Sloth Blanket today, and it will be at your doorstep in 2 – 7 days (free shipping across Peninsular Malaysia when you spend RM350 and more)!