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We know you’ll fall in love with our Sloth Blanket Collection, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our lovely customers have to say…

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Good, the material is very comfortable and does not feel stuffy or hot under it.

Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket

Sloth Blanket cover

Material is soft to touch, has cooling effect.
The cover is a little too big for the 4.5kg weighed blanket. I would have preferred it to be a snug fit

Complete & Fabulous

Having purchase the weighted blanket, I felt that a cover would help in protecting it, to help make cleaning easier too. When the bamboo cover arrived, it completed the experience from usage to cleaning. It’s so soft and comfortable, and bamboo is better for the environment due to its sustainability. I thought i slept well under the weighted blanket, but with the addition of the bamboo cover that feels so good on my skin, I fall asleep even faster. Absolutely love it!

Was a sceptic but now a believer

Was wowed by this blanket. Puts me out like a light and keeps me asleep till my alarm rings the next day. Amazing.

Love it

It has been one of the best purchases I have made. My restless leg syndrome is better and I wake up without aches and pains. Highly recommend

Perfectly weighed and doesn't heat up too much

It’s pretty nice. The weight is evenly distributed and the material does not make it too warm. Just nice for air conditioned room.

It’s a bit small for taller people though. I can barely fit under it completely when I lay on my back. Only works well when I lay on my side slightly curled up.

Sloth blanket – nice but too short

The blanket is nice but abit too short as I bought based on weight. Even if the heavier one would b short. 😅


One of the best purchases made and so worth it! I used to build a pillow fortress but with the weighted blanket I don’t have to because it provides a comforting pressure and makes me feel secure when sleeping. Just be careful when changing positions not to pull a muscle since it is heavy 😂

Sloth Blanket Bamboo Cover
Putri Elissa Denney

One of the best purchases made and so worth it! I used to build a pillow fortress but with the weighted blanket I don’t have to because it provides a comforting pressure and makes me feel secure when sleeping. Just be careful when changing positions not to pull a muscle since it is heavy 😂

Great blanket!

This is my first weighted blanket, and I love it. It’s affordable but well made. The weight does feel extremely comforting. However it is not sufficiently warm if sleeping in an air conditioned room.

Out like a light

I bought one for myself. Loved it so much I recommended one for my father who has trouble staying asleep. His first night with it had him asleep right until his alarm clock went off the next morning!! Definitely recommended.

Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket

Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket

I was sceptical at first about this blanket but when ahead to purchase it together with it’s cover. My husband commented that I have been sleeping soundly and not as restless as before. Even if I have a late night, with a good rest I am able to wake up early feeling fresh as if I have slept for hours. Falling asleep now is easy with this blanket. Am glad I took the plunge! My only concern is washing it since it’s heavy but then again it’s all worth it!

Softest and coolest cover

Oh wow! I love this cover. Only thing I didn’t like is the colour but that doesn’t bother me very much. Hint Hint Mike….I love a deep dark maroon red! haha The cover has a zip at the side and strings that allow me to secure my blanket to the cover. So soft and cool!! It doesn’t move at all and fits perfectly!!!

Blanket Cover

It was an excellent idea to have the blanket as washing the blanket itself is a massive challenge. The blanket cover material, same as the blanket, is cool, comfortable and smooth. Love it.

Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket

5 star product

1) Easy to set-up- attach the Sloth Blanket with the Bamboo Cover using the straps provided in the Bamboo Cover
2) Dustproof- perfect to avoid your Sloth Blanket from dust
3) Affordable- the price is very affordable and not too high for every people
4) Easy to wash- twice a month, I will only wash this Bamboo Cover, and not the Sloth Blanket. Washing is now easier with this Bamboo Cover
5) Smooth and silky- made from bamboo fabric, this Bamboo Cover is soft and smooth enough to helps you to fall in sleep whenever it touches your skin

5 star!

The best blanket cover!

This brand offered the best quality of blanket cover.
In general, it was made special for Sloth Blanket, and it fits and suits so perfect.
I am that one person who have used blanket cover for few years, but this Sloth Blanket and its Bamboo Cover is literally more than any other brands.
Super premium quality with affordable price. Nice product!

Second Bamboo Cover

I bought this Sloth Blanket Bamboo Cover for me and my husband. But now I need to buy more since my daughter also love it. Me and husband already bought her a Sloth Blanket few months ago and now she’s asking me for a Bamboo Cover just because she love the material of this item. I guess it was a perfect investment to buy this Sloth Blanket Bamboo Cover for my family as it would helps in reducing the energy needed especially when it times to wash the blanket.

Helps in improving sleep

Before I tried the Sloth Blanket, I have a problem where I cant really fall into sleep. I always had the troubles to sleep, even when I am so sleepy. Now with Sloth Blanket and Bamboo Cover, it actually solved my problem. I can now fall asleep under 5 minutes! These two products are really helping me. I would like to recommend this product for people who have troubles to sleep especially at night.

Neat finishing

The finishing of this product is absolutely amazing. I love the material, the zip, and the strap. This has been one of the most amazing blanket cover I ever found. The material is so soft and nice to be touch. The zipper is also seems so neat and I am looking forward to use this for a longer time than any other blanket cover.

Easy setup and easy to take care

What I love the most about this Sloth Blanket Bamboo Cover is the easy set up process. I just need to attach the Bamboo Cover to the Sloth Blanket, and then zip it up. This is easier than it sounds and looks. This Bamboo Cover can also been washed by washing machine without any worries. The material used in the product is clearly strong and durable.

Super durable Bamboo Cover

Some might say that this product is not really good. But for me who experienced a very good time using this Sloth Blanket Bamboo Cover, I could tell that this Bamboo cover really helps especially in protecting the Sloth Blanket from any strains. For me myself, I washed the Bamboo Cover twice a month and I’ve been using this Bamboo Cover for almost 3 months, yet the material maintain the same as the first time I bought it. The material used helps this Bamboo Cover to endure many time of washes.

Friend's Recommendation

My friend is a true fan of this Sloth Blanket Bamboo Cover. He recommended me this product, with very positive feedbacks. With an affordable price, I believe that I could try on this product, and today, here it comes. Safely landed and arrived. The super smooth Sloth Blanket Bamboo Cover. I would say that this is a highly recommended product especially for those who plans to keep their Sloth Blanket clean for a longer time.

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