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We know you’ll fall in love with our Sloth Blanket Collection, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our lovely customers have to say…

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Perfect for anxiety and secure feel

Cover – I never knew I’d like this kind of cover but omg it’s amazing. It is so smooth, really like silk. It’s super cooling also, macam normal blanket but weighted. Suitable for those who takut panas.

Weight – Love the weight, I think the 10% rule is quite good. I sleep so well now I don’t wanna part with my weighted blanket. It made me feel secure so bye bye monsters under my bed and anxiety. It’s not too heavy that you can’t lift it up so if wanna use when sitting down or out of bed also can

My autistic son is sleeping better with Sloth blanket

my son always had sleep challenges, he struggles while he sleeps, like moves a lot and puts a pillow over his head when sleeping. After using Sloth blanket, he is much more comfortable, sleeps better, has a hard time to wake up cause he is so cozy in bed and once told me, “don’t want wake up” when I told him, time for school. He never told me that before. I’m glad i got this for him. He is sleeping so much better. Thank you for this Malaysian made product.

works well. love it

nice material love it.

Good quality

Love the material and workmanship, 9kg weight was just nice I’m around 90+kg. Only complain is the length should be way longer. I’m 185 and struggling to cover from shoulder to toes

The color faded after one wash.

A good investment

I’m enjoying using my blanket, I feel like it’s helping me to sleep better ☺️😴

Worth it! Will get more for my family.

Using is believing

Who would have thought there is a simple yet so effective way to fall asleep in a jiffy and sleep soundly thorught the night – The Sloth blanket did exactly that! Effortless yet instant results unlike other form of sleep aids.

Perfect except for the size

I do really like using this blanket, it’s comfortable, I like how the inner is already using bamboo fibre so it’s cooling. The only factor that’s making me consider returning it is the size. I am 6 feet tall, so I can’t pull up the blanket snugly without having my feet exposed. If it wasn’t for the lack of size, it would be perfect.

Soft and cool to the touch, it is a blanket that makes me feel snug and secure, yet not stiflingly hot.

Am unable to revert to using normal blankets after using Sloth Blanket. The difference isn’t really perceptible at first, but after using it for a significant period I could feel the contrast starkly – normal blankets (even unweighted quilts) truly fall short.

Soft & velvety

Bought 2 covers so that I can change. Definitely not regretting the purchase, sleep with the cover as its so soft and silky, my skin loves it

Taking the weight of the world out of your sleep

I decided to order the weighted blanket because of the 30-day money back gurantee. Totally love it as the blanket somewhat envelops you before you sleep and the weigh adds a sense of comfort. I’ve notice how much I love it when I recently stayed over at a hotel. If you love the feeling of being enveloped prior to sleep this blanket is for you. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there is no harm ordering to try it out!

It's good

Nice, silky, smooth. Fast delivery. Lovely service.

great customer service

Weighted blanket didn’t suit me well, unfortunately. I couldn’t sleep well with the blanket. However, the customer service was great. I returned the blanket in good condition and got my full refund as promised. So for those who hesitate, just give it a risk free try. It may be your cup of tea.

Good, the material is very comfortable and does not feel stuffy or hot under it.

Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket

Sloth Blanket cover

Material is soft to touch, has cooling effect.
The cover is a little too big for the 4.5kg weighed blanket. I would have preferred it to be a snug fit

Complete & Fabulous

Having purchase the weighted blanket, I felt that a cover would help in protecting it, to help make cleaning easier too. When the bamboo cover arrived, it completed the experience from usage to cleaning. It’s so soft and comfortable, and bamboo is better for the environment due to its sustainability. I thought i slept well under the weighted blanket, but with the addition of the bamboo cover that feels so good on my skin, I fall asleep even faster. Absolutely love it!

Was a sceptic but now a believer

Was wowed by this blanket. Puts me out like a light and keeps me asleep till my alarm rings the next day. Amazing.

Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket

Love it

It has been one of the best purchases I have made. My restless leg syndrome is better and I wake up without aches and pains. Highly recommend

Perfectly weighed and doesn't heat up too much

It’s pretty nice. The weight is evenly distributed and the material does not make it too warm. Just nice for air conditioned room.

It’s a bit small for taller people though. I can barely fit under it completely when I lay on my back. Only works well when I lay on my side slightly curled up.

Sloth blanket – nice but too short

The blanket is nice but abit too short as I bought based on weight. Even if the heavier one would b short. 😅

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