Kids Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket

Would you like your kids to get better, deeper sleep?

Kids Sloth Weighted Blanket is designed to improve your kid’s sleep and reduce the effects of anxiety. The blanket utilizes the relaxing principles behind deep pressure stimulation therapy, commonly used to calm those with autism or sensory disorders.

We would recommend choosing a blanket that around 10% of your kid’s body weight. If your kids are 15KG for example, going for a 2.3KG blanket will be perfect!

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The perfect weight

The weight of the blanket is evenly distributed to ensure a perfect sleep everytime

New level of sleep

Silently move to conform to your body’s shape, giving you the most comforting "hug" during your sleep

Therapy relaxing principles

Commonly used to calm autism patients, weighted blanket has been both proven by science and in principle

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Your kid’s sleep is important to you, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that the quality that we provide is top of the class. From high quality bamboo outer cover to silent inner glass beads that is non-toxic, we did our homework, with extras, just for your kids.

Would You Invest In Yourself?

“There’s no denying that a great life begins with a great night’s sleep. When we sleep well, we’re happier and healthier. By gently hugging your entire body, the Kids Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket can aid your kids in drifting off into a deep sleep. Better sleep, better life.”

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Wake Up Happy & Restored

Most weighted blankets have been known for easing muscle tension, reducing stress hormones by 30% and increasing the release of happy hormones by 30%. With the comforting feeling of our weighted blanket’s “hug” all night, providing the most restorative deep sleep, there can only be blissful nights and happy days ahead.

The Deep Pressure Stimulation Concept

Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) is firm but gentle squeezing, hugs, or holding that relaxes the nervous system. Remember how good it feels to be hugged? That’s part of us embracing the Deep Pressure Stimulation concept and that’s the same stimulation that our weighted blanket brings

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Bamboo Fiber Cooling Outer Layer

Made with our Malaysian temperature in mind, we used bamboo fiber as the outer covering instead of plain cloth. This ensures that the temperature is well regulated through the whole night during your sleep. It’s much softer on your skin as well. We care. We really do. 

Parents agree that this Kids Sloth Bamboo Fibre Weighted Blanket helps their kids sleep better in a comfortable way!

Here's What Science Says


A weighted blanket relies on the principles of deep pressure stimulation for its therapeutic effects. Basically, the added weight triggers a host of beneficial changes in the body, including increased serotonin and melatonin production, decreased cortisol production, as well as an increased sense of calmness and relaxation, among others.

We would recommend choosing a blanket that around 10% of your kid’s body weight. If your kids are 15kg for example, going for a 2.3kg blanket will be perfect!

Taking care of your Sloth Weighted Blanket is super easy. We recommend cleaning your blanket every 60 – 90 days and that’s it. The material has been proven to last many washes, even using washing machine

If you are using washing machine, please use the delicate option of your washing machine

While generally, a weighted blanket is safe for kids, we generally would not recommend it for kids under the age of 3.

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Weight & Size

2.3kg (124×91 CM), 3.2kg (155×105 CM)