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I Tried Sloth Blanket for A Week: Here’s What Happened

It might sound familiar to you

It’s 2:00 am, I am tossing and turning on my bed, yet, I can’t seem to fall asleep.


So – I go to the old standby… scrolling through Instagram.


I came across this article (OK – let’s be honest, it was actually a meme) that said that entrepreneurs only made a minor changes in their lives, like getting more sleep, for exponential results.


That sounds like what I need.


So I decided to do a little experiment… 


What can I change about my sleep, that would lead to exponential results?


Here’s what happened…

I Came Across Something Called A Weighted Blanket

Conceptually, it sounds logical. The weight on the blanket would help calm the body down, almost replicating the feeling of being hugged. But honestly, it sounded like pseudoscience to me. (I’m not a believer, yet)


So I did what any other person in the world would do, I went into deeper research and found this video


Hmm…. a certified researcher can’t be that wrong. Ah whatever, let’s go for it. I started search for weighted blanket in Malaysia and that was how I came across Sloth Weighted Blanket


And my order arrived...

Sloth Blanket, Weighted Blanket, Autism Blanket, Kids Blanket, Adult Blanket

Tried it on first night, didn’t get used to it. But one thing I noticed, it fell asleep much much faster than usual. And i didn’t feel hot, although its a blanket, the ventilation seems fine.

It was during the third morning that I really felt the effect. Instead of feeling groggy, I woke up fresh (only 6 hours of sleep) and my body felt fresh – for the first time in a very long time. It felt well rested and I had no intention of staying on bed. I stepped off the bed, and straight to the shower I went, without the need of rolling on my bed for a bit more or snoozing the alarm a few more times.

It was the blanket!

Silly as it sounds, it works. A really simple concept, but at least it works.


Make your blanket, weighted. With it, it calms you down better and you sleep better, giving you better rest and better productivity for the next day.


Reflecting back on how all of this started, its crazy to think that all I had to do was a small tweak, which is to use a weighted blanket and the results are positive for both my work and my family. 

That’s my sharing for this round. I hope you will sleep better as well soon!