Sloth Blanket B2

Why Choose Sloth Blanket

A weighted blanket relies on the principles of deep pressure stimulation for its therapeutic effects. Basically, the added weight triggers a host of beneficial changes in the body, including increased serotonin and melatonin production, decreased cortisol production, as well as an increased sense of calmness and relaxation, among others.

Righfully received it post covid And I didnt have to sanitize it 🤣 The weight of the blanket somehow gave me a sense of comfort, security & warmth. I felt so safe wrapping myself in it. A best self love investment. A good move towards improving my sleep quality for a better mental Health. Self care is a priority to me💚
Drona Dewi
The Sloth blanket is surprisingly very cooling to the skin, even in hot weather. Nowadays I have a comfortable sleep thanks to it. The weight also feels very natural to me now. I tried going back to my usual light blanket just to see the difference but I can't do it. I need my Sloth blanket.
Decided to give it a try n I love it! First night need some time to get used to the weight but after that it's like heaven. I feel being hug every night without the body temperature of another person, and it's really cooling.No more sweating in comforter, and every night i can sleep within minutes.
Zoe Lam